Preparation of fine particles through aqueous processing route

2020-02-17 03:43:41

processing precipitation oxides barium aluminates

责任者: Das, R.P.;Anand, S. 单位: Regional Res. Lab., Orissa, India 来源出处: Indian Journal of Physics, Part A(Indian J. Phys. A (India)),2004/03/,78A(2):165-74 摘要: Aqueous processing routes for preparation of oxides in micron, sub micron and nano size have gained enormous importance due to their ability to alter shapes and sizes of the end product by varying preparation parameters. The most studied oxides are the ones used as magnetic and ceramic materials. This paper briefly reviews the preparation of ferrites, aluminum oxides/hydroxides, aluminates and iron oxides following aqueous routes as one of the process steps. The aqueous-processing routes include precipitation by sol-gel method, co-precipitation at ambient temperature and hydrothermal precipitation. The work done by the authors and their co-workers for preparing the above mentioned oxides has been briefly discussed. Fine particles of zinc oxide, barium aluminates and Mn-doped barium aluminates were prepared following precipitation-calcination route 关键词: aluminium compounds;barium compounds;calcination;crystal growth from solution;ferrites;manganese;nanoparticles;nanotechnology;precipitation;sol-gel processing;zinc compounds;fine particles;aqueous processing route;ferrites;aluminum oxides;aluminum hydroxides;aluminates;iron oxides;precipitation;sol-gel method;ambient temperature;hydrothermal precipitation;zinc oxide;barium aluminates;Mn-doped barium aluminates;precipitation-calcination route;FeO;AlO;ZnO;BaAlO:Mn