Tensility and compressibility of axially symmetric nanoclusters. Part I: simplif

2020-02-17 02:18:55

dependent moduli nanoclusters Isothermal Compressibility

责任者: Trzesowski, A. 单位: Inst. of Fundamental Technol. Res., Polish Acad. of Sci., Warszawa, Poland 来源出处: Journal of Technical Physics(J. Tech. Phys. (Poland)),2004//,45(2):141-53 摘要: A simplified method to model the temperature-dependent uniaxial tensility and volume compressibility of axially symmetric nanoclusters is proposed. Particularly, formulae for the isothermal generalized Youngs and bulk moduli of nanoclusters being in the quasi-solid state are given and a model of isothermal uniaxial tension dynamics is proposed. We see that the notion of thermally equivalent solid nanoclusters creates the possibility for a definition of such temperature-dependent generalised elastic moduli which can be interpreted as the isothermal mechanical properties of a solid nanocluster 关键词: compressibility;internal stresses;nanostructured materials;tensile strength;Youngs modulus;volume compressibility;axially symmetric nanoclusters;temperature dependent uniaxial tensility;isothermal generalized Young moduli;isothermal generalized bulk moduli;quasisolid state nanocluster;isothermal uniaxial tension dynamics;thermally equivalent solid nanoclusters;temperature dependent generalised elastic moduli;isothermal mechanical properties