The low-dimensional effect in single carbon-based nanoemitters of electrons

2020-02-16 10:01:20

carbon nm potential electron low

责任者: Frolov, V.D.;Konov, V.I.;Pimenov, S.M.;Kuzkin, V.I. 单位: Gen. Phys. Inst., Moscow, Russia 来源出处: Applied Physics A (Materials Science Processing)(Appl. Phys. A, Mater. Sci. Process. (Germany)),2004/01/,A78(1):21-3 摘要: Single nanoemitters of electrons-hill-shaped carbon nano-objects were fabricated with various sizes and configurations on thin diamond-like films by means of a local chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technique in a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) lithograph. A definite correlation between the nano-object height and surface electron potential has been established with the STM. It was found that, below a critical object thickness of about 15 nm, the surface electron potential was substantially lowered for smaller nano-objects (twice the decrease in the information signal for the 3-nm-thick features). The data obtained is considered to be strong evidence of low-dimensional effects in the process of low-threshold field electron emission observed earlier for nanostructured carbon materials 关键词: CVD coatings;diamond-like carbon;electron field emission;nanostructured materials;nanotechnology;scanning tunnelling microscopy;surface potential;work function;carbon based electron nanoemitters;diamond like films;chemical vapor deposition;CVD;scanning tunneling microscopy;STM;lithography;surface electron potential;threshold field electron emission;nanostructured carbon materials;low-dimensional effects;15 nm;3 nm;C