Impedance spectroscopy of metal-oxide nanocomposites

2020-02-15 12:24:55

SnO2 compounds nanocomposites oxide CuO

责任者: Tomaev, V.V.;Moshnikov, V.A.;Miroshkin, V.P.;Garkin, L.N.;Zhivago, A.Yu. 单位: St. Petersburg State Univ. of Electr. Eng., Russia 来源出处: Glass Physics and Chemistry(Glass Phys. Chem. (Russia)),Sept.-Oct. 2004,30(5):461-70 摘要: The oxide nanocomposites 0.97SnO2+0.03CuO, 0.9ZnO+0.1CuO, 0.9SnO2+0.1CuO, and 0.33SnO2+0.33PbO+0.33CuO are prepared by the hydropyrolytic method. The thicknesses of the prepared films are estimated by ellipsometry and electron microscopy. The admittance of oxide nanocomposites is investigated by impedance spectroscopy. It is demonstrated that the number of relaxator types revealed by this method in the sample is proportional to the number of phases in the composite 关键词: copper compounds;electric admittance;electron microscopy;ellipsometry;II-VI semiconductors;lead compounds;nanocomposites;semiconductor thin films;tin compounds;zinc compounds;impedance spectroscopy;metal oxide nanocomposites;ZnO-CuO oxide nanocomposites;SnO2-PbO-CuO oxide nanocomposites;hydropyrolytic method;ellipsometry;electron microscopy;admittance;film thickness;SnO2-CuO;ZnO-CuO;SnO2-PbO-CuO