van der Waals energy under strong atom-field coupling in doped carbon nanotubes

2020-02-15 02:01:35

atom coupling van Der Waals

责任者: Bondarev, I.V.;Lambin, P. 单位: Facultes Univ. Notre-Dame de la Paix, Namur, Belgium 来源出处: Solid State Communications(Solid State Commun. (USA)),2004//,132(3-4):203-7 摘要: Using a unified macroscopic QED formalism, we derive an integral equation for the van der Waals energy of a two-level atomic system near a carbon nanotube. The equation is valid for both strong and weak atom-vacuum-field coupling. By solving it numerically, we demonstrate the inapplicability of weak-coupling-based van der Waals interaction models in a close vicinity of the nanotube surface 关键词: atom-surface impact;carbon nanotubes;electronic density of states;integral equations;surface states;van der Waals energy;carbon nanotubes;integral equation;weak atom-vacuum field coupling;van der Waals interaction models;nanotube surface;unified quantum electrodynamic formalism;unified QED formalism;strong atom-vacuum field coupling;two-level atomic system;C