Nanomechanics of order reconstruction in nematic liquid crystals

2020-02-15 01:58:09

liquid force torque twist nematic

责任者: Bisi, F.;Virga, E.G.;Durand, G.E. 单位: Dipt. di Matematica, Univ. di Pavia, Italy 来源出处: Physical Review E (Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics)(Phys. Rev. E, Stat. Nonlinear Soft Matter Phys. (USA)),2004/10/,70(4):42701-1 摘要: We employ a continuum model to compute both torque and force transmitted through a thin twist cell filled with a nematic liquid crystal and bounded by flat plates with anchorings at right angles. The transmitted torque vanishes at the order reconstruction threshold when the cell thickness is comparable with the biaxial coherence length. At the same point, the force diagram exhibits an angular point which disappears above a critical twist mismatch. Both torque and force diagrams against the cells thickness fail to be monotonic when the total twist is near π/2 关键词: force measurement;liquid structure;nanotechnology;nematic liquid crystals;torque measurement;nanomechanics;order reconstruction threshold;nematic liquid crystals;continuum model;torque transmission;force transmission;thin twist cell;flat plates;infinitely strong anchorings;cell thickness;biaxial coherence length;force diagram;angular point;critical twist mismatch;torque diagram;monotonic function