A novel method for determining the various electronic parameters of the CIS film

2020-02-15 01:35:01

model materials films nano scattering

责任者: Chakravarti, D.P. 单位: Dept. of Electron. & Telecomm. Eng., B. E. Coll., West Bengal, India 来源出处: Journal of Technology(J. Technol. (India)),2004/01/,38(1):1-6 摘要: Nano structure has given a priority today. However, evaluation of the various parameters in the nano scale seems to be complicated due to grain boundary scattering and other effects. In the present paper a model has been developed to determine various parameter of the nano films. Here, a model has been developed considering three layer systems connected in a series and parallel combination. The voltage applied both in vertical and horizontal direction of the film. Theoretical calculation showed that the thickness of this nano-particle has a good correlation with the mobilities, conductivities and the scattering currents. Calculations were based on the basis of the model and verified several compound semiconducting materials. The model is simple and can be extended for any other ternary and quaternary nano-materials 关键词: carrier mobility;electrical conductivity;nanostructured materials;semiconductor thin films;ternary semiconductors;electronic parameters;CIS films;nano structure;nano scale;grain boundary scattering;nano films;three layer systems;series combination;parallel combination;nano-particle;mobility;conductivity;scattering currents;semiconducting materials;ternary nano-materials;quaternary nano-materials