Optical phonons in mechanical alloyed Zn50Se50 mixture

2020-02-15 01:17:59

The phase Raman phonons Zn50Se50

责任者: Campos, C.E.M.;de Lima, J.C.;Grandi, T.A.;Machado, K.D.;Pizani, P.S. 单位: Departamento de Fisica, Univ. Fed. de Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Brazil 来源出处: Vibrational Spectroscopy(Vib. Spectrosc. (Netherlands)),2004/10/18,36(1):117-21 摘要: The Raman scattering technique was used to follow the optical phonons in mechanical alloyed Zn50Se50 mixture. The as-milled Zn50Se50, the aged and heat treated Zn50Se50 samples were examined to evaluate the influence of the processing method and aging effects on their vibrational properties. The most important changes in the Raman parameters of the Sen chain phonons of nonreacted Se phase and the longitudinal and transversal optical phonons (LO and TO) of the ZnSe phase with aging were associated with the growing of the crystalline Se phase and with both stress rising and the reduction of the bonds effective-charge of the ZnSe phase. The thermal treatment of the aged Zn50Se50 sample induced the separation of the nonreacted Se and an improvement in the crystallinity of the ZnSe phase, which recovered its Raman parameters. In addition, it was also seen a huge increase of TO phonon intensity 关键词: mechanical alloying;phonons;Raman spectra;zinc compounds;optical phonons;Zn50Se50 mixture;Raman scattering technique;processing method;aging effects;vibrational property;Raman parameters;chain phonons;nonreacted Se phase;bonds effective-charge;thermal treatment;ZnSe phase;mechanical alloying;X-ray diffraction;differential scanning calorimetry;Raman spectroscopy;nanocrystalline materials;Zn50Se50