Carbon nanoparticles based nonlinear optical liquid

2020-02-15 01:13:44

transmission nonlinear optical electron microscopy

责任者: Chen, G.X.;Hong, M.H.;Ong, T.S.;Lam, H.M.;Chen, W.Z.;Elim, H.I.;Ji, W.;Chong, T.C. 单位: Data Storage Inst., Singapore, Singapore 来源出处: Carbon(Carbon (UK)),2004//,42(12-13):2735-7 摘要: A novel self-stabilized carbon nanoparticle based on nonlinear optical liquid (NOL) was prepared by laser-ablation-in-solution method. The morphology of the nanoparticles was studied by transmission electron microscopy. Energy dispersed X-ray combined in a scanning electron microscopy and linear transmission spectra were also studied. The samples behaved with strong nonlinear optical limiting properties described by a double exponential decay 关键词: carbon;laser ablation;nanoparticles;nonlinear optics;optical limiters;scanning electron microscopy;transmission electron microscopy;ultraviolet spectra;visible spectra;X-ray chemical analysis;nonlinear optical liquid;self-stabilized carbon nanoparticles;laser-ablation-in-solution method;morphology;transmission electron microscopy;energy dispersed X-ray analysis;linear transmission spectra;nonlinear optical limiting properties;double exponential decay;C