Studies on physico-mechanical properties and thermal characteristics of polyprop

2020-02-15 00:44:49

properties mechanical polymer nanocomposites polypropylene

责任者: Parija, S.;Nayak, S.K.;Verma, S.K.;Tripathy, S.S. 单位: Central Inst. of Plastics Eng. & Technol., Orissa, India 来源出处: Polymer Composites(Polym. Compos. (USA)),2004/12/,25(6):646-52 摘要: Polypropylene/layered silicate nanocomposites were prepared from base polymer (10 MFI) and octadecylamine modified montmorillonite (1.30P nanomer), melt compounded with and without compatibilizer, i.e., maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene (Epolene-G3015). Physico-mechanical properties of the virgin PP and nanocomposites with different nanomer percentages and compatibilizer loadings were studied and compared. Thermal characteristics of nanocomposites were also compared with those of the virgin polymer. TEM analysis of the nanocomposites was carried out to study the dispersion of nanomer in the resulting hybrids. The nanocomposites showed improved mechanical properties over those of the virgin polymer with a marginal increase in specific gravity. Addition of compatibilizer further enhanced the mechanical properties of nanocomposites because of the compatibilization of the clay and host polymer interface. The uncompatibilized nanocomposites showed an increase in thermal stability and a higher melting point. However, the compatibilized nanocomposites showed delayed crystallization due to the presence of an oligomeric fraction of the added Epolene 关键词: crystallisation;density;dispersion hardening;melt processing;melting point;nanocomposites;particle reinforced composites;polymer blends;thermal stability;transmission electron microscopy;polypropylene-layered silicate nanocomposites;octadecylamine modified montmorillonite;maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene;Epolene-G3015;TEM;specific gravity;thermal stability;melting point;crystallization;oligomeric fraction