Low-temperature growth and photoluminescence of SiCN nanoparticle film by consec

2020-02-15 00:40:29

temperature intensity PL SiCN

责任者: Xu, M.;Ng, V.M.;Huang, S.Y.;Xu, S.Y. 单位: Plasma Sources & Applications Center, Nanyang Technol. Univ., Singapore 来源出处: Surface Review and Letters(Surf. Rev. Lett. (Singapore)),2004/12/,11(6):515-19 摘要: Low-temperature growth of SiCN nanoparticle films on an AlN buffer layer on Si(100) by consecutive RF magnetron sputtering is reported. The visible photoluminescence (PL) is observed between 620 and 670 nm using a single photo excitation at 514.5 nm. The growth of film at room temperature is found to yield the strongest PL intensity, whereas the film grown at 200°C corresponds to the lowest PL intensity. A similar variation of SiC diffraction intensity is also observed in XRD spectra. The photoluminescence of the SiCN film is discussed on the base of the morphological, structural and elemental analyse 关键词: nanoparticles;nanotechnology;photoluminescence;silicon compounds;spectral line intensity;sputter deposition;surface morphology;thin films;X-ray diffraction;low temperature growth;visible photoluminescence spectra;SiCN nanoparticle films;RF magnetron sputtering;AlN buffer layer;Si(100) substrates;visible PL spectra;photoexcitation;room temperature;PL intensity;SiC diffraction intensity;XRD spectra;morphological properties;structural properties;elemental analysis;620 to 670 nm;514.5 nm;293 to 298 K;200 degC;SiCN;AlN-Si