On the role of characterization in the design of interfaces in nanoscale materia

2020-02-14 23:08:31

transmission materials electron interfaces microscopy

责任者: Ringer, S.P.;Ratinac, K.R. 单位: Australian Key Centre for Microscopy & Microanal., Sydney Univ., NSW, Australia 来源出处: Microscopy and Microanalysis(Microsc. Microanal. (USA)),2004/06/,10(3):324-35 摘要: This work reviews recent research on the design and control of interfaces in engineering nanomaterials. Four case studies are presented that demonstrate the power of a multimodal approach to the characterization of different types of interfaces. We have used a combination of conventional, high resolution, and analytical transmission electron microscopy, microbeam electron diffraction, and three-dimensional atom probe to study polymer-clay nanocomposites, turbine rotor steels used for power generation, multicomponent aluminum alloys, and nanocrystalline magnetic materials 关键词: aluminium alloys;clay;composite material interfaces;crystal microstructure;electron diffraction crystallography;filled polymers;nanocomposites;reviews;stainless steel;transmission electron microscopy;nanoscale materials technology;interface design;engineering nanomaterials;multimodal approach;conventional transmission electron microscopy;high resolution transmission electron microscopy;analytical transmission electron microscopy;microbeam electron diffraction;three-dimensional atom probe;polymer-clay nanocomposites;turbine rotor steels;power generation;multicomponent aluminum alloys;nanocrystalline magnetic materials;clustering;reviews;AlCuMgGeAg