Mechanochemical synthesis of wustite, Fe1-xO, in high-energy apparatuses

2020-02-14 23:03:46

high energy milling wustite stoichiometry

责任者: Emelyanov, D.A.;Korolev, K.G.;Mikhailenko, M.A.;Knotko, A.V.;Oleinikov, N.N.;Tretyakov, Yu.D.;Boldyrev, V.V. 单位: Kurnakov Inst. of Gen. & Inorg. Chem., Acad. of Sci., Moscow, Russia 来源出处: Inorganic Materials(Inorg. Mater. (Russia)),2004/06/,40(6):632-5 摘要: It is shown that the high-energy milling of Fe2O3+Fe mixtures leads to the formation of nanocrystalline, metastable wustite Fe1-xO. Its stoichiometry varies systematically with processing time 关键词: ball milling;iron;iron compounds;nanocomposites;nanoparticles;pyrolysis;stoichiometry;mechanochemical synthesis;high-energy apparatuses;milling;nanocrystalline formation;metastable wustite;stoichiometry;pyrolysis;Fe-Fe3O4