Photoelectric properties of the solutions of dyes, biological pigments and pigme

2020-02-14 22:28:40

biological dyes electrodes complexes crystals

责任者: Frackowiak, D.;Ptak, A. 单位: Inst. of Phys., Poznan Univ. of Technol., Poland 来源出处: Current Topics in Electrochemistry(Curr. Topics in Electrochem. (India)),2004//,10():179-89 摘要: The generation of photopotential in the layer of dyes, biological pigments or pigment-protein complexes placed between transparent electrodes was described. Samples were located in isotropic solvents or in anisotropic systems such as nematic liquid crystals, monolayers or multilayers. Electrochemical cells with transparent semiconductor and metal electrodes as well as symmetrical cells with two similar semiconductor electrodes were used. Measurement methods of the kinetics of photocurrent generation and decay as well as of the action spectra of photovoltaic effect were described. Mechanisms responsible for photocurrent generation were discussed. The application of reported results as models of processes undergoing in living organisms and the perspective of elaboration in future arrangements being sources of energy and electronic nano-scale devices were discussed 关键词: biomembranes;dyes;electrochemical electrodes;molecular biophysics;monolayers;multilayers;nematic liquid crystals;photoconductivity;photoelectrochemical cells;photovoltaic effects;proteins;photoelectric properties;biological pigments;pigment-protein complexes;electrochemical cell;dyes;transparent electrodes;isotropic solvents;anisotropic systems;nematic liquid crystals;monolayers;multilayers;metal electrodes;semiconductor electrodes;photocurrent;photovoltaic effect;electronic nanoscale devices