1/f noise in single-walled carbon nanotube devices

2020-02-12 23:35:40

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责任者: Snow, E.S.;Novak, J.P.;Lay, M.D.;Perkins, F.K. 单位: Naval Res. Lab., Washington, DC, USA 来源出处: Applied Physics Letters(Appl. Phys. Lett. (USA)),2004/11/01,85(18):4172-4 摘要: We report the scaling behavior of 1/f noise in single-walled carbon nanotube devices. In this study we use two-dimensional carbon nanotube networks to explore the geometric scaling of 1/f noise and find that for devices of a given resistance the noise scales inversely with device size. We have established an empirical formula that describes this behavior over a wide range of device parameters that can be used to assess the noise characteristics of carbon nanotube-based electronic devices and sensors 关键词: 1/f noise;carbon nanotubes;electrical resistivity;nanotube devices;1/f noise;single walled carbon nanotube devices;two-dimensional carbon nanotube;device size;device parameters;sensors;electrical resistivity;C