Phonon modes in Si [111] nanowires

2020-02-10 08:15:31

model Si boundary nanowires phonons

责任者: Thonhauser, T.;Mahan, G.D. 单位: Dept. of Phys., Pennsylvania State Univ., University Park, PA, USA 来源出处: Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics)(Phys. Rev., B, Condens, Matter Mater. Phys. (USA)),2004/02/15,69(7):75213-1 摘要: We solve a long standing question concerning the boundary conditions for optical phonons in nanowires. The controversy between the so-called clamped and free conditions is well documented in standard literature. We answer this question of the boundary conditions by presenting a spring-and-mass model of the Stillinger and Weber type to calculate optical and acoustic phonons in Si [111] nanowires. Our results show that this model, in parallel to the bulk case, is sufficient to describe important features of the phonon spectrum. Furthermore, our results predict that optical phonons in nanowires are subject to clamped boundary conditions 关键词: elastic waves;elemental semiconductors;nanowires;phonons;silicon;phonon modes;Si [111] nanowires;clamped boundary condition;optical phonons;acoustic phonons;free boundary condition;spring-mass model;Stillinger model;Weber model;Si