Mie scattering theory for phonon transport in particulate media

2020-02-07 10:37:18

section transport Cross scattering phonon

责任者: Prasher, R.S. 单位: Intel Corp., Chandler, AZ, USA 来源出处: Transactions of the ASME. Journal of Heat Transfer(Trans. ASME, J. Heat Transf. (USA)),2004/10/,126(5):793-804 摘要: Scattering theory for the scattering of phonons by particulate scatterers is developed in this paper. Recently the author introduced the generalized equation of phonon radiative transport (GEPRT) in particulate media, which included a phase function to account for the anisotropic scattering of phonons by particulate scatterer. Solution of the GEPRT showed that scattering cross section is different from the thermal transport cross-section. In this paper formulations for the scattering and transport cross section for horizontally shear (SH) wave phonon or transverse wave phonon without mode conversion is developed. The development of the theory of scattering and the transport cross section is exactly analogous to the Mie scattering theory for photon transport in particulate media. Results show that transport cross section is very different from the scattering cross section. The theory of phonon scattering developed in this paper will be useful for the predictive modeling of thermal conductivity of practical systems, such as nanocomposites, nano-micro-particle-laden systems, etc 关键词: Mie scattering;nanoparticles;phonons;thermal conductivity;Mie scattering theory;phonon radiative transport;particulate media;anisotropic phonon scattering;thermal transport cross-section;scattering cross-section;shear wave phonon;transverse wave phonon;photon transport;thermal conductivity;nanocomposites;nanomicroparticle-laden systems