Near-field imaging of organic nanofibres

2020-02-05 01:39:28

optical field FAR dependent nanofibres

责任者: Volkov, V.S.;Bozhevolnyi, S.I.;Bordo, V.G.;Rubahn, H.-G. 单位: Inst. of Phys. & Nanotechnol., Aalborg Univ., Denmark 来源出处: Journal of Microscopy(J. Microsc. (UK)),Sept. 2004,215():241-4 摘要: The optical near-field of orientated nanofibres of para-hexaphenyl was investigated by a combination of localized far-field ultraviolet excitation and scanning near-field fluorescence detection. Morphological inhomogeneities of the nanofibres together with selective incoupling into the near-field probe resulted in a detection sensitivity was dependent on individual nanoaggregates. Strongest near-field intensity and radiation into the far-field were observed at the crossing points of nanofibres. The near-field observation of a distance-dependent damping of the waveguiding along the nanofibres allowed us to determine the imaginary part of the dielectric function of the nanofibres, in quantitative agreement with far-field optical data 关键词: fluorescence;nanotechnology;near-field scanning optical microscopy;organic compounds;organic nanofibres;para-hexaphenyl;far-field ultraviolet excitation;scanning near-field fluorescence detection;nanoaggregation;dielectric function;far-field optical data;distance-dependent damping