Ultra-low emittance beam generator using coulomb crystals

2020-02-02 10:14:23

high beam ion Japan emittance

责任者: Kano, M.;Masuda, S.;Ogata, A.;Okabe, K.;Okamoto, H. 单位: AdSM, Hiroshima Univ., Japan 来源出处: Journal of the Physical Society of Japan(J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. (Japan)),2004/03/,73(3):760-1 摘要: An outline of a simple scheme that enables one to produce an extremely high-quality ion beam was presented. The emittance achievable with the present method is close to the ultimate physical limit, although the available current would be rather low. The scheme described in this note provides an ion beam of nanometer size and needs neither collimators nor final focusing lenses. Moreover, it is straightforward to increase the kinetic energy without major deterioration of the quality. It may even be possible to carry out very high luminosity colliding-beam experiments by successively injecting nanobeams into a storage ring and stacking them up 关键词: ion beams;ion emission;particle beam focusing;particle beam injection;plasma simulation;plasma temperature;ultra-low emittance beam generator;coulomb crystals;extremely high-quality ion beam;ultimate physical limit;beam current;nanometer-size beam;kinetic energy;very high luminosity colliding-beam;nanobeams;storage ring