Observation of spin dynamics in MAMMOS media by femtosecond laser

2020-02-02 05:57:06

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责任者: Tsukamoto, A.;Nakagawa, K.;Itoh, A.;Kirilyuk, A.;Rasing, T.;Awano, H. 单位: Coll. of Sci. & Technol., Nihon Univ., Chiba, Japan 来源出处: Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan(J. Magn. Soc. Jpn. (Japan)),2004//,28(3):318-21 摘要: This paper describes results of a time-resolved study of the ultrafast magnetic response of Gd23.1Fe71.9Co5.0 MAMMOS structures under conditions near actual read temperature. An all-optical pump and probe method was used, in which an intense (pump) light beam excited a medium due to ultrafast laser heating and a less intense (probe) beam monitored this photo-excited state through the magnetooptical Kerr effect. Our experiment clearly demonstrates that the photo-excitation effectively excites coherent spin waves in the magnetic material. Precession frequencies of several GHz and relaxation times in the nanosecond range were observed 关键词: cobalt alloys;ferromagnetic materials;ferromagnetic relaxation;gadolinium alloys;high-speed optical techniques;iron alloys;Kerr magneto-optical effect;magnetic amplifiers;photoexcitation;spin dynamics;spin waves;spin dynamics;MAMMOS media;magnetic amplifying magnetooptical system;femtosecond laser;time-resolved study;ultrafast magnetic response;ultrafast laser heating;photo-excited state;magnetooptical Kerr effect;coherent spin waves;relaxation times;precession frequency;Gd23.1Fe71.9Co5.0