Nanoscale epitaxial growth control of oxide thin films by laser molecular beam e

2020-02-01 18:04:01

layer films molecular oxide epitaxy

责任者: Yoshimoto, M.;Sasaki, A.;Akiba, S. 单位: Mater. & Sci. Lab., Tokyo Inst. of Technol., Japan 来源出处: Science and Technology of Advanced Materials(Sci. Technol. Adv. Mater. (UK)),2004/07/,5(4):527-32 摘要: The means growth control of oxide thin films, such as ferroelectric and magnetic materials, were explored by a novel technique based on nanoscale substrate engineering as well as atomic layer control via laser molecular beam epitaxy (laser-MBE). Atomic-scale analysis of the terminating layer of perovskite oxide films was performed by in situ coaxial impact-collision ion scattering spectroscopy. The novel heteroepitaxies that could be attained were: (1) the termination-regulated molecular layer-by-layer epitaxy of BaTiO3 and La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin films and (2) the step-decoration epitaxy resulting in the nanowire or nanodot structures of magnetic oxides such as (Mn, Zn) ferrite on ultrasmooth sapphire substrates with straight atomic steps 关键词: barium compounds;ferrites;ferroelectric materials;ferroelectric thin films;ion-surface impact;lanthanum compounds;magnetic epitaxial layers;manganese compounds;molecular beam epitaxial growth;nanoelectronics;nanowires;strontium compounds;zinc compounds;oxide nanoelectronics;laser molecular beam epitaxy;oxide thin films;nanoscale epitaxial growth control;ferroelectric materials;magnetic materials;atomic-scale analysis;in situ coaxial impact-collision ion scattering spectroscopy;layer-by-layer epitaxy;step-decoration epitaxy;nanodot structures;nanowire;sapphire substrates;BaTiO3;La0.7Sr0.3MnO3;MnZnFe2O4;Al2O3