Magnetic properties and crystal structures of FePt nanoparticle media

2020-01-31 06:18:31

crystal electron Japan FePt nanoparticle

责任者: Kodama, H.;Momose, S.;Uzumaki, T.;Tanaka, A. 单位: Fujitsu Labs. Ltd., Atsugi, Japan 来源出处: Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan(J. Magn. Soc. Jpn. (Japan)),2004//,28(3):372-5 摘要: We have investigated magnetic properties and crystal structures of chemically synthesized FePt nanoparticle media. The average grain diameter was estimated as 4.4 nm and σ/D was 13 % from TEM observation. We. found that each nanoparticle is not coalesced after annealing for 750°-30 min. We were confirmed L10 structure of FePt nanoparticles form the electron diffraction patterns. Diffraction rings for (001) and (110) are confirmed clearly. Hk and Ku V values were estimated from the temperature dependence of Hc. Ku V/kT value was 41 at room temperature 关键词: annealing;crystal structure;electron diffraction;grain size;iron alloys;magnetic particles;nanoparticles;platinum alloys;transmission electron microscopy;magnetic properties;crystal structure;nanoparticle media;chemical synthesis;grain diameter;TEM;transmission electron microscopy;annealing;electron diffraction pattern;room temperature;750 degC;30 min;FePt