Functionalized fluorescent oxide nanoparticles: artificial toxins for sodium cha

2020-01-31 02:17:03

sodium single nanoparticles oxide molecule

责任者: Beaurepaire, E.;Buissette, V.;Sauviat, M.P.;Giaume, D.;Lahlil, K.;Mercuri, A.;Casanova, D.;Huignard, A.;Martin, J.L.;Gacoin, T.;Boilot, J.P.;Alexandro 单位: Laboratory for Opt. & Biosciences, Ecole Polytech., Palaiseau, France 来源出处: Nano Letters(Nano Lett. (USA)),2004/11/,4(11):2079-83 摘要: Lanthanide ion-doped oxide nanoparticles were functionalized for use as fluorescent biological labels. These nanoparticles are synthesized directly in water, which facilitates their functionalization, and are remarkably photostable without emission intermittency. Nanoparticles functionalized with guanidinium groups act as artificial toxins and specifically target sodium channels. They are individually detectable in live cardiac myocytes, revealing a heterogeneous distribution of sodium channels. Functionalized oxide nanoparticles appear to be a novel tool that is particularly attractive for long-term single-molecule tracking 关键词: biological techniques;biomembrane transport;doping;europium;fluorescence;molecular biophysics;muscle;nanoparticles;nanotechnology;sodium;yttrium compounds;functionalized fluorescent oxide nanoparticles;artificial toxins;sodium channel targeting;sodium channel imaging;single-molecule level;lanthanide ion-doped oxide nanoparticles;fluorescent biological labels;emission intermittency;photostability;guanidinium groups;live cardiac myocytes;single-molecule tracking;YVO4:Eu;Na