Lattice deformation and strain-dependent atom processes at nitrogen-modified Cu(

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Cu strain surface nitrogen dependent

责任者: Komori, F.;Shin-ya Ohno;Nakatsuji, K. 单位: Inst. for Solid State Phys., Univ. of Tokyo, Chiba, Japan 来源出处: Progress in Surface Science(Prog. Surf. Sci. (UK)),2004/11/,77(1-2):1-36 摘要: Strain-induced phenomena on Cu(001)-c(2×2)N surfaces are reviewed on the basis of the observations by scanning tunneling microscopy. On this surface, 5nm×5nm square patches with the c(2×2)N surface can be arranged regularly and separated by a few nm wide clean Cu surfaces. An inhomogeneous lattice deformation in a nanometer scale is directly imaged on this surface, and nanopattern formations on vicinal surfaces are discussed. Both the growth of the magnetic metal nanodots and the dissociative adsorption of oxygen molecules are dependent on the local surface strain at the clean Cu area of the nitrogen-induced nanopattern. Strain dependent atom processes such as nanocrystal growths and molecular adsorptions are crucial for the further nanostructure formation using surface nanopatterns as templates. [All rights reserved Elsevier] 关键词: adsorption;copper;deformation;internal stresses;nanopatterning;nanostructured materials;nitrogen;reviews;scanning tunnelling microscopy;surface structure;review;lattice deformation;strain-dependent atom process;nitrogen-modified surface;scanning tunneling microscopy;square patches;nanopattern formation;vicinal surface;magnetic metal nanodot;dissociative adsorption;surface strain;nanocrystal growths;nanostructure formation;C:N;Cu;O