First step toward using biomaterials for applied physics studies

2020-01-29 04:07:11

DNA Japan enzymes Oyo Buturi

责任者: Ishida, A. 单位: Kyoto Prefecture Univ., Japan 来源出处: Oyo Buturi(Oyo Buturi (Japan)),2004/12/,73(12):1565-70 摘要: Biomolecules, such as DNA molecules, antibody antigens, virus capsids, and enzymes, are now recognized to be novel materials in nanofabrication. This paper presents a comprehensive and practical explanation of the usage of such biomolecules for non specialists 关键词: DNA;enzymes;microorganisms;molecular biophysics;nanotechnology;biomaterials;applied physics studies;biomolecules;DNA molecules;antibody antigens;virus capsids;enzymes;nanofabrication