Excitonic polaron and phonon assisted photoluminescence of ZnO nanowires

2020-01-29 02:34:16

ZnO nanowires LO phonon

责任者: Hsu-Cheng Hsu;Wen-Feng Hsieh 单位: Inst. of Electro-Opt. Eng., Nat. Chiao Tung Univ., Hsinchu, Taiwan 来源出处: Solid State Communications(Solid State Commun. (USA)),2004//,131(6):371-5 摘要: The coupling strength of the radiative transition of hexagonal ZnO nanowires to the longitudinal optic (LO) phonon polarization field is deduced from temperature dependent photoluminescence spectra. An excitonic polaron formation is discussed to explain why the interaction of free excitons with LO phonons in ZnO nanowires is much stronger than that of bound excitons with LO phonons. The strong exciton-phonon coupling in ZnO nanowires affects not only the Haung-Ray S factor but also the FXA-1LO phonon energy spacing, which can be explained by the excitonic polaron formation 关键词: excitons;II-VI semiconductors;nanowires;phonons;photoluminescence;polarons;wide band gap semiconductors;zinc compounds;excitonic polaron;phonon assisted photoluminescence;hexagonal ZnO nanowires;coupling strength;radiative transition;longitudinal optic phonon polarisation field;LO phonon;temperature dependent photoluminescence spectra;FXA-1LO phonon energy spacing;exciton phonon coupling;Haung-Ray S factor;free excitons;ZnO