Direct imaging of temperature-dependent layered antiferromagnetism of a magnetic

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magnetic layered spin dependent

责任者: Konoto, M.;Kohashi, T.;Koike, K.;Arima, T.;Kaneko, Y.;Kimura, T.;Tokura, Y. 单位: Japan Sci. & Technol. Agency, Tsukuba, Japan 来源出处: Physical Review Letters(Phys. Rev. Lett. (USA)),3 Sept. 2004,93(10):107201-1 摘要: With the use of a newly developed spin-polarized scanning electron microscope, we have succeeded in obtaining the real-space images of the layered-antiferromagnetic state concurrent with 1-nm-stepped atomic terraces in layered-structure manganite La1.4Sr1.6Mn2O7. The three-dimensional analysis of spin alignment could further reveal the temperature-dependent spin reorientation and the antiferromagnetic domain walls on the atomic terraces. These ensure the use of the present microscopy for quantitative analysis of local magnetic structures in a broader range of materials, including magnetic oxides and nanomaterials 关键词: antiferromagnetic materials;lanthanum compounds;magnetic domain walls;magnetic structure;scanning electron microscopy;spin dynamics;strontium compounds;direct imaging;temperature-dependent layered antiferromagnetism;magnetic oxide;spin-polarized scanning electron microscope;real-space images;layered-antiferromagnetic state concurrent;atomic terraces;layered-structure manganite;La1.4Sr1.6Mn2O7;spin alignment;temperature-dependent spin reorientation;antiferromagnetic domain walls;spintronics;quantitative analysis;local magnetic structures;magnetic oxides;nanomaterials