Microstructural changes on heat treatment of Cu-15 wt%Nb filamentary nanocomposi

2020-01-25 18:53:53

Nb Cu heat twin filaments

责任者: Jeong Ho Moon;Jong Woo Cho;Kap Ho Lee;Sun Ig Hong 单位: Dept. of Metall. Eng., Chungnam Nat. Univ., Daejeon, South Korea 来源出处: Journal of the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials(J. Korean Inst. Met. Mater. (South Korea)),2004/07/,42(7):583-8 摘要: The microstructural changes under varying temperature conditions of Cu-15 wt%Nb filamentary nanocomposite fabricated by the bundling and drawing process were characterized using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). In the sample heat treated at 400°C, twin bands were observed in a subelemental wire with the Nb filaments acting as barriers to twin propagation, and the multi-twins having {111} twin planes were observed in Cu sheath. The spheroidzation of Nb filaments appears in specimen heat treated at 500°C. Nb filaments completely transformed into spherical particles in the sample heat treated 700°C, and the amorphous layers with 4 nm in width were observed at the interface of Nb particles and the Cu matrix. The texture of the Cu matrix (<100> and <111>) and Nb particles (<110>) remains unchanged following annealing at 700°C 关键词: amorphous state;annealing;composite material interfaces;copper;nanocomposites;niobium;noncrystalline structure;solid-state phase transformations;spheroidizing;texture;transmission electron microscopy;twinning;wire drawing;microstructural change;heat treatment;CuNb filamentary nanocomposites;bundling process;drawing process;transmission electron microscopy;TEM;twin bands;Nb filaments;twin propagation;spheroidzation;spherical particles;amorphous layers;texture;annealing;400 degC;500 degC;700 degC;4 nm;Cu-Nb