A numerical model for phase-change suspension flow in microchannels

2020-01-23 15:27:19

phase transfer heat flow suspension

责任者: Hao, Y.L.;Tao, Y.-X. 单位: Dept. of Power Eng., Southeast Univ., Nanjing, China 来源出处: Numerical Heat Transfer, Part A (Applications)(Numer. Heat Transf. A, Appl. (UK)),2004/07/02,46(1):55-77 摘要: A model is developed for simulation of the laminar hydrodynamic and heat transfer characteristics of suspension flow with micro-nano-size phase-change material (PCM) particles in a microchannel (D/dp=12.2-500). The demonstrated simultaneous solutions for the two-phase conservation equations of mass, momentum, and energy allow the investigation of heat transfer enhancement mechanisms and their limits, due to nonthermal equilibrium melting of PCM suspension particles in a flow, such as the existence of a particle-depleted layer, particle-wall interaction, phase-change (melting) region propagation, and local heat transfer coefficients for both constant wall heat flux and constant wall temperature boundary conditions 关键词: boundary layers;channel flow;flow simulation;heat transfer;hydrodynamics;laminar flow;melting;nanoparticles;suspensions;two-phase flow;numerical analysis;suspension flow;microchannels;laminar hydrodynamic properties;heat transfer;micronanosize phase change material;two-phase conservation;nonthermal equilibrium melting;suspension particles;particle depleted layer;particle-wall interaction;heat flux;constant wall temperature boundary conditions;equation of mass;equation of momentum;equation of energy