A continuum model for calculating the phonon density of states of single-walled

2020-01-23 08:38:16

carbon density nanotubes states phonon

责任者: Minggang Xia;Shengli Zhang;Shumin Zhao;Erhu Zhang 单位: Dept. of Appl. Phys., Xian Jiaotong Univ., China 来源出处: Physica B(Physica B (Netherlands)),2004/02/15,344(1-4):66-72 摘要: Making use of the continuum model, the phonon density of states (PDOS) are calculated analytically for single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT). Neglecting the interaction between twisting and longitudinal stress, the phonon dispersion relations are also determined analytically. The frequency of the breathing mode is found to be inversely proportional to r. For a (10, 10) SWNT, its resonance spectral wave number is found to be 170.76 cm-1, which is consistent with experimental observation. Four acoustic modes have been analyzed and these results are found to be in good agreement with those of Saito. Our results for the PDOS agree well with experimental data 关键词: carbon nanotubes;electronic density of states;internal stresses;phonon dispersion relations;continuum model;phonon density of states;single walled carbon nanotubes;longitudinal stress;twisting stress;phonon dispersion relation;breathing mode;resonance spectral wave number;acoustic modes;C