Ethanol sensor based on indium oxide nanowires prepared by carbothermal reductio

2020-01-22 10:06:13

reaction nanowires In2O3 oxide indium

责任者: Chu Xiangfeng;Wang Caihong;Jiang Dongli;Zheng Chenmou 单位: Sch. of Chem. & Chem. Eng., Sun Yat-sen Univ., Guangdong, China 来源出处: Chemical Physics Letters(Chem. Phys. Lett. (Netherlands)),2004/12/01,399(4-6):461-4 摘要: In2O3nanowires were prepared by carbothermal reduction reaction between indium oxide and active carbon at 1000°C in flowing nitrogen atmosphere. In2O3 sensors were fabricated from In2O3 nanowires and their gas sensing properties were investigated. It was found that the sensors based on In2O3nanowires exhibited the best performance, characterized by high response, good selectivity and very short response time to dilute C2H5OH, making them to be promising candidates for practical detectors for dilute C2H5OH. [All rights reserved Elsevier] 关键词: chemical sensors;III-VI semiconductors;indium compounds;MIS devices;nanotechnology;nanowires;reduction (chemical);ethanol sensor;indium oxide nanowires preparation;carbothermal reduction reaction;In2O3 nanowires;indium oxide+carbon reaction;nitrogen atmosphere;In2O3 sensors;gas sensing properties;dilute C2H5OH;1000 C;In2O3