Shot-noise control in ac-driven nanoscale conductors

2020-01-19 16:49:49

current noise time Driven dependent

责任者: Camalet, S.;Kohler, S.;Hanggi, P. 单位: Inst. fur Phys., Univ. Augsburg, Germany 来源出处: Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics)(Phys. Rev., B, Condens, Matter Mater. Phys. (USA)),2004/10/15,70(15):155326-1 摘要: We derive within a time-dependent scattering formalism expressions for both the current through ac-driven nanoscale conductors and its fluctuations. The results for the time-dependent current, its time average, and, above all, the driven shot-noise properties assume an explicit and serviceable form by relating the propagator to a non-Hermitian Floquet theory. The driven noise cannot be expressed in terms of transmission probabilities. The results are valid for a driving of arbitrary strength and frequency. The connections with commonly known approximation schemes such as the Tien-Gordon approach or a high-frequency approximation are elucidated, together with a discussion of the corresponding validity regimes. Within this formalism, we study the coherent suppression of current and noise caused by properly chosen electromagnetic fields 关键词: current fluctuations;mesoscopic systems;nanowires;shot noise;shot-noise control;ac-driven nanoscale conductors;time-dependent scattering formalism expressions;fluctuations;time-dependent current;nonHermitian Floquet theory;transmission probabilities;Tien-Gordon approach;high-frequency approximation;current suppression;noise suppression