Synthesis of tungsten oxide nanowires

2020-01-14 04:00:06

structure nm tungsten nanowires oxide

责任者: Zongwen Liu;Bando, Y.;Tang, C. 单位: Adv. Mater. Lab., Nat. Inst. for Mater. Sci., Ibaraki, Japan 来源出处: Chemical Physics Letters(Chem. Phys. Lett. (Netherlands)),2003/04/22,372(1-2):179-82 摘要: Tungsten oxide nanowires have been prepared by heating a tiny tungsten wire partly wrapped with melted boron oxide (B2O3) vitreous powder at 1600°C in nitrogen atmosphere. The nanowires exhibit a well crystallized one-dimensional structure with 10-30 nm in diameter and 2-5 μm in length. A monoclinic crystalline structure could be established by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy study 关键词: crystal structure;nanotechnology;nanowires;transmission electron microscopy;tungsten compounds;synthesis;tungsten oxide nanowires;tungsten wire;melted boron oxide;B2O3;vitreous powder;nitrogen atmosphere;crystallized one-dimensional structure;nanowire diameter;nanowire length;monoclinic crystalline structure;high-resolution transmission electron microscopy;1600 C;10 to 30 nm;5 to 15 nm;2 to 5 micron;W;WO3;WO2