Size-dependent magnetic properties in nanoplatelets

2020-01-09 06:17:20

The size Discrete dependent dipolar

责任者: Vedmedenko, E.Y.;Oepen, H.P.;Kirschner, J. 单位: Inst. fur Angewandte Phys., Hamburg Univ., Germany 来源出处: Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials(J. Magn. Magn. Mater. (Netherlands)),2003/01/,256(1-3):237-42 摘要: We demonstrate that the discrete dipolar sums can be separated into two contributions: thickness- and geometry-dependent parts. The geometry-dependent part is analogous to the shape dependence of the continuum approach. The correct normalization of the dipolar energy eliminates the apparent discrepancies of the discrete summation with the experimental results and continuum Maxwell theory. The superposition of the two contributions explains a new phenomenon, i.e. the size-dependent spin reorientation transition and/or enhancement of the effective perpendicular anisotropy 关键词: magnetic particles;magnetisation;nanoparticles;particle size;spin dynamics;size-dependent magnetic properties;nanoplatelets;discrete dipolar sums;geometry-dependent parts;thickness-dependent parts;dipolar energy;continuum approach;size-dependent spin reorientation transition;effective perpendicular anisotropy