Exciton-LO-phonon coupling in self-organized InAs/GaAs quantum dots

2020-01-06 22:01:21

quantum properties DOTS phonon exciton

责任者: Heitz, R.;Schliwa, A.;Bimberg, D. 单位: Inst. fur Festkorperphys., Technische Univ. Berlin, Germany 来源出处: Physica Status Solidi B(Phys. Status Solidi B (Germany)),2003/05/,237(1):308-19 摘要: The exciton-LO-phonon interaction in self-organized quantum dots is investigated emphasizing the impact of realistic structural properties. The possibility to engineer the local charge density via the shape and composition profile of such strained quantum dots provides an unique opportunity to optimize the electronic and optical properties of a semiconductor nanostructure. Size-selective luminescence, resonant Raman scattering, and time-resolved luminescence experiments provide insight into the exciton-LO-phonon and exciton-photon couplings in self-organized quantum dots. The impact of the structural details is analyzed based on eight-band k·p model calculations 关键词: carrier density;gallium arsenide;III-V semiconductors;indium compounds;phonon-exciton interactions;photoluminescence;Raman spectra;self-assembly;semiconductor quantum dots;stoichiometry;time resolved spectra;exciton-LO phonon coupling;selforganized;InAs/GaAs quantum dots;structural properties;local charge density;composition profile;shape profile;optical properties;electronic properties;semiconductor nanostructure;size selective luminescence;resonant Raman scattering;time resolved luminescence;exciton-photon couplings;eight-band k·p model calculations;InAs-GaAs