Transient ionization in plasmas produced by point-like irradiation of solid Al t

2020-01-06 18:35:59

time plasma ray dependent ionization

责任者: Gizzi, L.A.;Cecchetti, C.A.;Galimberti, M.;Giulietti, A.;Giulietti, D.;Labate, L.;Laville, S.;Tomassini, P. 单位: Intense Laser Irradiation Lab.-IPCF, Area della Ricerca CNR, Pisa, Italy 来源出处: Physics of Plasmas(Phys. Plasmas (USA)),2003/12/,10(12):4601-4 摘要: Time-resolved x-ray spectroscopy has been used to investigate ionization dynamics of a micrometer-sized nanosecond laser-plasma during the plasma start-up phase. Experimental results are modeled using two-dimensional hydrodynamic simulations and time-dependent collisional-radiative calculations. The study clearly shows that, due to the rapid expansion cooling, x-ray emission originates predominantly from a well-localized plasma region characterized by rapidly evolving hydrodynamic conditions. In this region, ionization dynamics is found to depart substantially from the steady-state regime. The measurements provide clear evidence of this transient ionization regime showing good agreement with the time-dependent calculations 关键词: aluminium;ionisation;plasma diagnostics;plasma flow;plasma production by laser;plasma simulation;time resolved spectra;X-ray spectra;transient ionization;plasma production;point-like irradiation;solid Al targets;time-resolved X-ray spectroscopy;ionization dynamics;micrometer-sized nanosecond laser-plasma;plasma start-up phase;two-dimensional hydrodynamic simulations;time-dependent collisional-radiative calculations;expansion cooling;well-localized plasma region;X-ray emission;hydrodynamic conditions;time-dependent calculations;transient ionization regime;steady-state regime;Al