Photoinduced electronic processes in silicon: the influence of the transverse De

2020-01-06 18:27:11

optical potential surface processes Dember

责任者: Baranova, I.M.;Evtyukhov, K.N.;Muravev, A.N. 单位: Bryansk State Eng. Technol. Acad., Russia 来源出处: Quantum Electronics(Quantum Electron. (UK)),2003/02/,33(2):171-6 摘要: Electronic processes stimulated by a train of nanosecond laser pulses in a weakly absorbing semiconductor are studied theoretically. It is shown that these processes cause the transverse Dember effect - the appearance of a radial field and an electric potential difference between the illuminated and unlit parts of the semiconductor. The transverse Dember potential difference in silicon is comparable with a typical surface potential and, hence, plays an important role in surface nonlinear-optical processes 关键词: Dember effect;electro-optical effects;elemental semiconductors;laser beam effects;optical harmonic generation;silicon;surface potential;photoinduced electronic processes;transverse Dember effect;nonlinear electroreflection;nanosecond laser pulses;weakly absorbing semiconductor;radial field;electric potential difference;surface potential;surface nonlinear-optical processes;nonequilibrium carriers;reflected second harmonic;nonuniform photogeneration;Si