Sol-gel method in oxide material technology

2020-01-05 10:46:35

method gel compounds sol oxide

责任者: Andrianov, N.T. 单位: Russian Chem. Eng. Univ., Moscow, Russia 来源出处: Glass and Ceramics(Glass Ceram. (USA)),Sept.-Oct. 2003,60(9-10):320-5 摘要: The principles of producing highly disperse powders of oxide materials, including complex compositions, using the sol-gel method are considered. Various compounds (polyacrylic acid, polyacrylamide, polyvinyl alcohol) are used as the gel-forming agents in true and colloid solutions. When powders are produced by the sol-gel method, the temperature of synthesis of complex compounds decreases by 150-200°C and the particles in this case have nanosizes 关键词: organic compounds;powder technology;sol-gel processing;sol-gel method;oxide material technology;polyacrylic acid;polyacrylamide;polyvinyl alcohol;gel-forming agents