Investigation of size-dependent optical and morphological properties of nanocrys

2020-01-03 08:19:28

films size ZnSe properties dependent

责任者: Mazher, J.;Badwe, S.;Sengar, R.;Gupta, D.;Pandey, R.K. 单位: Inst. of Phys. & Electron., Bhopal Univ., India 来源出处: Physica E(Physica E (Netherlands)),2003/02/,16(2):209-13 摘要: Thin films of zinc selenide nanostructures (Q-ZnSe) have been grown using an aqueous synthesis route. The as-deposited films investigated using optical absorption and photoluminescence spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and atomic force microscopy (AFM) exhibit size-dependent properties. Intense photoluminescence in the UV-blue region has been observed in the Q-ZnSe films. AFM analysis revealed that the as-deposited Q-ZnSe films exhibits tendency for self-organization 关键词: atomic force microscopy;crystal morphology;II-VI semiconductors;light absorption;liquid phase deposition;nanostructured materials;photoluminescence;self-assembly;semiconductor growth;semiconductor thin films;X-ray diffraction;zinc compounds;size-dependent optical properties;size-dependent morphological properties;nanocrystalline ZnSe films;zinc selenide nanostructures;aqueous synthesis route;as-deposited films;optical absorption;photoluminescence spectroscopy;X-ray diffraction;atomic force microscopy;size-dependent properties;UV-blue region;AFM analysis;as-deposited Q-ZnSe films;self-organization;ZnSe