Metal-oxide-semiconductor structure with Ge nanocrystals for memory devices appl

2020-01-02 23:05:25

quantum semiconductor nanocrystals oxide germanium

责任者: Das, K.;Maikap, S.;Dhar, A.;Mathur, B.K.;Ray, S.K. 单位: Dept. of Phys. & Meteorol., IIT, Kharagpur, India 来源出处: Electronics Letters(Electron. Lett. (UK)),2003/12/11,39(25):1865-6 摘要: Metal-oxide-semiconductor structures with germanium nanocrystals embedded in the oxide matrix have been fabricated by rf sputtering followed by rapid thermal annealing. The cross-sectional transmission electron micrographs of the structure provide a clear indication of the formation of isolated germanium nanocrystals sandwiched between tunnelling and cap gate oxides. The optical properties of the structure studied by photoluminescence spectroscopy show the emission in the visible range due to quantum confinement of carriers. The C-V measurements of the trilayer structure have been used to demonstrate the charge storage characteristics in the Ge nanocrystals 关键词: elemental semiconductors;flash memories;germanium;hysteresis;MIS structures;MOS capacitors;nanoparticles;photoluminescence;semiconductor quantum dots;tunnelling;metal-oxide-semiconductor structures;germanium nanocrystals;oxide matrix;sputter fabrication;rapid thermal annealing;cross-sectional transmission electron micrographs;isolated nanocrystals;tunnelling oxides;cap gate oxides;photoluminescence;quantum confinement;C-V measurements;charge storage characteristics;quantum dot;MOS capacitors;trilayer dielectric stack;lattice fringes;hysteresis width;bias sweeping;flash memory;Ge