Enhancing electroluminescence from metal-oxide-silicon tunneling diodes by nano-

2020-01-02 18:50:57

Si oxide recombination diodes

责任者: Ching-Fuh Lin;Ting-Wien Su;Peng-Fei Chung;Eih-Zhe Liang;Miin-Jang Chen;Liu, C.W. 单位: Dept. of Electr. Eng., Nat. Taiwan Univ., Taipei, Taiwan 来源出处: Materials Chemistry and Physics(Mater. Chem. Phys. (Netherlands)),2003/01/15,77(2):430-3 摘要: Significant enhancement of electroluminescence (EL) at Si bandgap energy is discovered from metal-oxide-semiconductor tunneling diodes on p-type Si with oxide grown by liquid-phase deposition (LPD). The LPD grown oxide has nanostructures with a grain size of 10-20 nm. The oxide nanostructure causes the simultaneous localization of electrons and holes at the Si/SiO2 interface, similar to the formation of excitons. This makes the process of the phonon-assisted radiative recombination of electron-hole pairs more like a two-particle collision than a three-particle collision, increasing the probability of radiative recombination. The measured EL efficiency could be more than 1 × 10-6 关键词: aluminium;electroluminescence;electroluminescent devices;electron-hole recombination;elemental semiconductors;grain size;light emitting diodes;localised states;MIS devices;nanostructured materials;silicon;silicon compounds;tunnel diodes;MOS tunneling diodes;electroluminescence;nanostructures;liquid-phase deposition;grain size;carrier localization;phonon-assisted radiative recombination;electron-hole pair;Al-SiO-Si