2017-07-14 21:18:25

design 检测 test DS2438 多组


关键词: 多组蓄电池电压检测、模块化、DS2438、485通讯

This text introduces an equipment and method which can  test the voltage on many groups of lead accumulator as well as conveying the test results through the transporation channel. This design is a part of a battery administrative system.
This method is to model the equipment and divide the groups of accumulator  for checking. So ,we can ues it conviently in many accumulators’ tests. This text starts with the principle of the  test as well as the utilization, introduced a systematic principle and the  design of the hardware and also    the design of the software in detail, Furthermore this text provides a systematic principle picture , main circuit diagram  and the result of   the test debug. On the basis of the one-chip computer of MOTOROLA Company MC9S12A64CPV type, and DS2438 chip, adoptting485 commonly used communication of industry    through   the cooperation of the software and hardware , we   have  realized the design function of the whole system.
Experimental result indicates it can realize the voltage measure function and can up to the 1% of the requirement on  the accuracy.
Key word: Many measuring of voltage of group battery , module ,
DS2438 , 485 communication