Effect of electron-phonon interaction on the resistivity of metallic nanowires

2019-12-30 03:47:06

The energy phonon Width resistivity

责任者: Lal, R. 单位: Theor. Group, Nat. Phys. Lab., New Delhi, India 来源出处: Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics)(Phys. Rev., B, Condens, Matter Mater. Phys. (USA)),15 Sept. 2003,68(11):115417-1 摘要: Using a tight-binding approach for the electronic structure, deformation potential approach for the electron-phonon interaction, and the Kubo formula for the conductivity, an expression has been obtained for the resistivity of nanowire systems. The resulting expression involves (1) vertex corrections approximated by the sum of ladder diagrams, and (2) a self-energy approximated by the one-phonon processes. The dependence of the resistivity on the wire width, temperature and Fermi energy has been investigated by performing numerical calculations in terms of typical values of different parameters. It has been found that the resistivity increases with decreasing wire width. It has been further found that the resistivity increases with the temperature such that the resistivity slope increases with decreasing wire width. The temperature dependence shows a superlinear behavior for wires of width <~20 nm. For wires of larger widths a linear behavior has been found. The resistivity is found to increase slowly with the Fermi energy. The relevance of the calculated results has been discussed in light of the existing experimental studies 关键词: electrical resistivity;electron-phonon interactions;Fermi level;nanowires;tight-binding calculations;electron-phonon interaction;resistivity;metallic nanowires;tight-binding approach;electronic structure;deformation potential approach;Kubo formula;conductivity;nanowire systems;vertex corrections;sum of ladder diagrams;self-energy;one-phonon processes;wire width;temperature;Fermi energy;20 nm