Capacitive characteristics of binary manganese-nickel oxides prepared by anodic

2019-12-29 20:30:13

binary Ni Deposition oxide nickel

责任者: Yi-Shiun Chen;Chi-Chang Hu 单位: Dept. of Chem. Eng., Nat. Chung Cheng Univ., Chia-Yi, Taiwan 来源出处: Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters(Electrochem. Solid-State Lett. (USA)),2003/10/,6(10):210-13 摘要: Because the rate of anodic deposition for manganese oxide is much larger than that for nickel oxide, the nickel content of binary Mn-Ni oxide can be increased by using a relatively positive potential region and a high Ni2+/Mn2+ ratio (10/1) in the deposition solution. The capacitive characteristics of this binary oxide in a mixed electrolyte consisting of 0.1 M Na2SO4 with pH 10.1 adjusted by 0.01 M NaOH are much more ideal than that measured in 0.1 M Na2SO4. The effects of introducing Ni oxide into the MnOx matrix on the capacitive performance are systematically investigated. The nanostructure of this Mn-Ni oxide deposit is demonstrated from the scanning electron microscopic morphology 关键词: capacitance;electrodeposition;manganese compounds;nanostructured materials;nickel compounds;scanning electron microscopy;supercapacitors;voltammetry (chemical analysis);binary Mn-Ni oxides;anodic deposition;capacitive characteristics;relatively positive potential region;Ni2+/Mn2+ ratio;Na2SO4-NaOH mixed electrolyte;MnOx matrix;nanostructure;scanning electron microscopic morphology;supercapacitors;pseudocapacitors;electrochemical precipitation;linear sweep voltammograms;cyclic voltammograms;Na2SO4-NaOH;Mn1-xNixOy