2017-07-14 18:52:09

IGBT 逆变器 inverter 低温 auxiliary


基于对IGBT开关过程的优化和短路保护技术的研究,从理论上分析了栅极驱动参数对开关期间 、 、开关损耗以及EMI的影响,为进一步对其研究提供了理论依据。在重新设计了开关电源,用单端反激式取代了推挽式,用电流控制方式替代了电压控制方式,去掉了可靠性不高的保险管。采用动态的过流保护阈值的方法解决了辅助逆变器机组低温启动过程中的过流保护问题。对8K型电力机车IGBT辅助逆变器存在的低温短路保护问题进行了大量的现场试验,以研究低温对于系统的影响。在大量实验的基础上,排除了IGBT主电路的低温问题,确定了影响系统低温性能的因素,对此进行了分析,采用二极管钳位的解决方法。重新设计的控制系统在大同通过了高低温试验。这些问题的解决具有重大的现实意义。
关键词: 辅助逆变器,控制系统,IGBT,低温
Topic: Research on Control System for Auxiliary Inverter in 8K Electric Locomotive of Low Temperature
The IGBT auxiliary inverter has succeeded in the run for a long time,which upgraded the original one of the European imported 8K type electric locomotives. The operating results of more than 200 sets of the inverter equipment show that the upgraded design of the auxiliary inverter is suitable and feasible. This paper focuses on the problems and researches on improving the design of its control system and the fail run of the inverter equipment in low temperature environment.
Research on optimization and short-circuit protection technology in IGBT switching period has been done.  Theoretic analysis on the influence of gate driver’s parameters on di/dt 、dv/dt 、switching losses and EMI in the switching period has been carried out, which provides the foundation for further research. A new fly-back DC/DC converter instead of push-pull converter is designed, which replaces voltage control method with current control method, and cancels the unreliable fuse. Applying the dynamic over-current protection threshold, the paper resolves the over-current protection problem during the auxiliary inverter’s startup. For resolving the low temperature’s influence on the auxiliary inverter in the 8K electrical locomotive, lots of local experiments have been carried out. On the base of these, the main reason which influences the auxiliary inverter’s low temperature performance is found, and the corresponding method, which using a clamping diode, is proposed, too. Experiments in the high and low temperature prove the new control system, and this achievement has important practical significance.


Key Words: Auxiliary Inverter, Control System, IGBT, Low Temperature