Optical phonons in polar semiconductor nanowires

2019-12-27 22:30:43

polar Raman crystalline Semiconducting phonons

责任者: Mahan, G.D.;Gupta, R.;Xiong, Q.;Adu, C.K.;Eklund, P.C. 单位: Dept. of Phys., Pennsylvania State Univ., University Park, PA, USA 来源出处: Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics)(Phys. Rev., B, Condens, Matter Mater. Phys. (USA)),2003/08/15,68(7):73402-1 摘要: We show that the long-range dipolar interactions in a crystalline cubic polar semiconducting nanowire give rise to an important splitting of the Raman-active transverse optic (TO) and longitudinal optic (LO) phonons at the center of the Brillouin zone. The dipole sums that determine the two LO and two TO phonon frequencies in the nanowire are sensitive to the aspect ratio (L/D), where L and D are the length and diameter, respectively. In the limit L/D →∞, we predict the phonon frequencies for several important polar semiconducting nanowires. Our calculated results are also compared with Raman scattering data obtained on crystalline GaP and GaAs semiconducting wires 关键词: Brillouin zones;gallium arsenide;gallium compounds;III-V semiconductors;nanowires;phonons;polar semiconductors;Raman spectra;optical phonons;polar semiconductor nanowires;long-range dipolar interactions;crystalline cubic polar semiconducting nanowire;Raman-active transverse optic phonons;longitudinal optic phonons;Brillouin zone center;dipole sums;LO phonon frequencies;TO phonon frequencies;aspect ratio;Raman scattering data;crystalline GaP semiconducting wires;crystalline GaAs semiconducting wires;GaP;GaAs