Chopping techniques for low-frequency nanotesla spin-dependent tunneling field s

2019-12-23 16:16:27

noise low sensors modulation dependent

责任者: Jander, A.;Nordman, C.A.;Pohm, A.V.;Anderson, J.M. 单位: NVE Corp., Eden Prairie, MN, USA 来源出处: Journal of Applied Physics(J. Appl. Phys. (USA)),2003/05/15,93(10):8382-4 摘要: Three chopping techniques to address 1/f noise in spin-dependent tunneling magnetoresistive sensors are investigated. These include modulation of the sensitivity using orthogonal fields, modulation, and second-harmonic generation using the nonlinear response of the magnetoresistive element and modulation of the flux concentrator permeability. Of these, only the second technique resulted in a slight reduction in low-frequency noise. In order to achieve significant noise reduction by chopping, domain noise will have to be reduced 关键词: 1/f noise;harmonic generation;magnetic domains;magnetic noise;magnetic permeability;magnetic sensors;tunnelling magnetoresistance;chopping techniques;low-frequency nanotesla spin-dependent tunneling field sensors;1/f noise;spin-dependent tunneling magnetoresistive sensors;orthogonal fields;modulation;second-harmonic generation;flux concentrator permeability;low-frequency noise;domain noise