Influence of consolidation parameters on the microstructure and hardness of bulk

2019-12-19 20:43:56

processing grain copper hardness consolidation

责任者: Srivatsan, T.S.;Ravi, B.G.;Naruka, A.S.;Petraroli, M.;Kalyanaraman, R.;Sudarshan, T.S. 单位: Dept. of Mech. Eng., Akron Univ., OH, USA 来源出处: Materials Design(Mater. Des. (UK)),2002/05/,23(3):291-6 摘要: This paper describes the consolidation of copper powders by the technique of plasma pressure compaction. Microstructural observations and density measurements provide evidence of the presence of residual porosity even after consolidation at 820°C. Vickers microhardness measurements revealed the sample consolidated at temperatures as high as 820°C to have the maximum hardness of 0.79 GPa. The influence of processing variables on microstructure, including the presence and distribution of processing-related artifacts, density and microhardness are presented and discussed 关键词: copper;densification;grain growth;grain size;microhardness;nanostructured materials;plasma materials processing;porosity;powder metallurgy;powders;scanning electron microscopy;Vickers hardness;bulk copper samples;nanopowders;consolidation parameters influence;microstructure;hardness;plasma pressure compaction;density;residual porosity;processing variables;processing related artifacts;grain size;grain growth;scanning electron micrograph;820 C;Cu