Formation mechanism of electrically conductive nanoparticles by induction therma

2019-12-15 20:00:31

thermal processing plasma nanoparticles plasmas

责任者: Watanabe, T. 单位: 来源出处: Bulletin of the Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors(Bull. Res. Lab. Nucl. React. (Japan)),2002//,26():51-2 摘要: The purpose of this paper is to prepare nanoparticle mixture of nitrides and borides by induction thermal plasmas. Nanoparticles of nitride and boride have high electrical conductivity, therefore these nanoparticles would be applied for the electromagnetic shielding, and solar control windows having interaction with IR and UV light. Another purpose is to correlate prepared particle composition with thermodynamic parameters. An investigation of physical and chemical processes in thermal plasma processing is indispensable for production of nanoparticles. For nanoparticle preparation with stoichiometric composition, the vaporization and condensation rates of the constituent metals should be controlled in the case of a large difference in the vapor pressure 关键词: free energy;materials preparation;nanoparticles;nucleation;plasma materials processing;electrically conductive nanoparticles;induction thermal plasmas;nucleation temperature;Gibbs free energy;nitrides;borides;thermodynamic parameters;thermal plasma processing