The impact of gate oxide scaling (3.2-1.2 nm) on sub-100 nm complementary metal-

2019-12-15 03:10:31

state nm 100 gate oxide

责任者: Wen-kuan Yeh;Chih-yung Lin 单位: Electr. Eng. Dept., Nat. Univ. of Kaohsiung, Taiwan 来源出处: Thin Solid Films(Thin Solid Films (Switzerland)),2002/11/01,419(1-2):218-24 摘要: The impact of gate tunneling current on the on-state drive capacities and off-state standby characteristics of complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (CMOSFETs) with gate-oxide thicknesses from 3.2 to 1.2 nm was investigated. We examined optimization of nitride gate-oxide thicknesses for device performance of sub-100 nm gate-length CMOSFETs. Device design constraints on gate oxide scaling were also evaluated. Resulting predictions enable verification of nitride oxide limitations prior to replacement of gate insulators using high-permittivity material in sub-100 nm CMOSFET designs 关键词: CMOS integrated circuits;integrated circuit testing;nanoelectronics;optimisation;tunnel transistors;gate oxide scaling impact;sub-100 nm complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors;gate tunneling current;on-state drive capacities;off-state standby characteristics;CMOSFET;optimization;device performance;1.2 to 3.2 nm